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Video Live Wallpaper

Video Live Wallpaper
Video Live Wallpaper
GÜNCELLENME TARIHI: 27 Ocak 2013 Pazar

Set your own video as a live wallpaper!
Video Live Wallpaper is a blank live wallpaper that allows you to set your own video as a live wallpaper animation! Do you have that perfect home made video of your loved one that you'd love to see on your Android device's home screen? How about a music video? Or why not an entire movie? Many codecs and formats are supported. Choices are almost limitless.
You can also choose from over 120 ready-made videos from the New Official Video Catalog created specifically for Video Live Wallpaper by an EMMY™-Nominated Studio with over 25 years of Video Production excellence! Topics range from Abstract, Nature, Love, to Fire, Water and more. Videos are hosted in their own officially endorsed, collaboratively made app called Video Live Wallpaper Catalog. Download this FREE Video Catalog app at:
or hit Video source -> Application provider inside Video Live Wallpaper's settings.
Remember: you need to set up a video source to make this live wallpaper useful. If you plan to make your own videos (some resolution and codec restrictions apply if you want to make it smooth), please see the app's help and visit the app's website to learn what formats are best and to get sample videos.
One last thing: this is a live wallpaper and as such, puts no icon to your home screen or app drawer. Visit your wallpaper settings to use this live wallpaper. On most devices, the wallpaper menu can be accessed by pressing the menu button when on a home screen, or by long-touching an empty part of a home screen.
Do you have issues, requests or suggestions? Or do you just want to say hi? Please visit the website to read help and Frequently Asked Questions. And remember: this developer can not answer Play Store reviews if you ask questions so please ask questions directly by e-mailing the developer.
Video Live Wallpaper's Website:

Video Live Wallpaper Video Live Wallpaper

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Video Live Wallpaper
Video Live Wallpaper

Video-live-wallpaper-v100.apk [3,08 Mb] (Sayaç: 17)


Kategori: Android Uygulamalar / Medya ve Videolar
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Tarih 28-01-2013, 19:15
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